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Happy People

Over the years we have produced amazing results across hundreds of clients, here are but a few...

Jordan Sukkar

"When i first joined Befit, i had just finished playing a decade of rugbyand training in a high intensity enviroment. After a few months training on my own and lacking motivation, I stumbled across Befit and havent looked back. The intensity is as high as any elite sports program i have been involved in, but still caters for all. I couldnt recommend BeFit more highly to someone who is looking to achieve outstanding results and still have a laugh along the way"

Niki F

"Joining BEFIT shortly after moving to Sydney was one of the best decisions I could have made. I didn't just get a new gym, I gained an embracing community where the facilities, people and culture are second to none"

Scott C

"The trainers care and are enthusiastic about the training, they want you to get the best results.  It’s been a transformational experience and i am addicted."